Serving several counties in the West Michigan region including Barry County and surrounding areas, Law Weathers offers families a comfortable and reassuring place to discuss conflict, the needs of children and the process of adoption. We also support blended family and aging family member issues to ensure that your loved ones are provided for in the future.

Our attorneys include certified family court mediators, an arbitrator focused on family law, a state certified adoption specialist and former probate court judge. These skills and certifications allow you more options to settle conflict, overcome obstacles and move forward with life.

Our connections in the community provide more resources. Review the following core areas of our family law practice, and check out our Estate Planning, Litigation and Business pages for additional services.

Family Legal Services

• Divorce proceedings and decision-making, including child custody, visitation and other considerations
• Child or adult guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, including contested proceedings
• Adoption process and finalization
• Mediation, arbitration and litigation counsel and representation in family conflicts
• Estate planning, asset protection and charitable/philanthropic goals
• Newly married, married with children and second marriage couples
• Father/parental rights counsel

Divorce FAQs

What Makes a Good Family Attorney?