Riparian (Water Law)

As a unique practice among law firms, the riparian (water law) focus at Law Weathers is due to our historic pride and concern for the lakes and waterways of West Michigan. We serve individuals as well as lake and other property associations, municipalities, firms, and other groups.  This is a highly specialized area of the law, for which general legal practitioners are frequently unfamiliar.

The following is a sample of specific areas in which we advise and represent clients. For more information, visit our Environmental, Public Sector and Real Estate pages.

Riparian Water Law

• Cottages, cabins, hunting lands, lake property and docks
• Boundary disputes, road ends, easements, walkways, parks and other lake accesses
• Aquatic weed treatment and special assessment districts
• Lake development opposition and representation
• DEQ/DNR (now, the DNRE) zoning and planning
• Local government ordinances
• Plat vacations/revisions
• Lake levels and water withdrawals
• Wetlands issues