Litigation Practice Successes

cabinetSuccessful Defense of Billion Dollar Securities Fraud Claim

Our attorneys successfully defended claims involving securities fraud where the amount sought was approximately $1 Billion.

(c)Successful Defense of Copyright Infringement Claim

Our client was sued, alleging copyright infringement of computer source code. The plaintiff sought damages in excess of $3,000,000.00. Our client prevailed and obtained a complete victory.

webVictory Before World Intellectual Property Organization

Our trial attorneys brought a domain name registration claim before the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. We prevailed for our client, securing its desired domain name for use on the Internet.

confidentialVictory in Misappropriation of Trade Secrets Claim

A former employee took confidential data from our client. We worked hand-in-hand with the FBI, recovered the confidential data, and prevailed successfully on a misappropriation of trade secrets claim.

valve$750,000 Judgment for Manufacturer

An uncontained fire extensively damaged a marine manufacturing facility; investigation revealed that a fire door failed to close, allowing the fire to spread. We obtained a $750,000 judgment in this commercial product liability action against the manufacturer of the fire door.

houseJudgment Preserving Waterfront Rights

A trial court ruled that a waterfront property owner's riparian (access to water) rights had terminated. We argued the case before the Michigan Court of Appeals, obtaining a favorable ruling that served to reinstate the owner's rights.

pen$1,000,000 Judgment for Shareholder

In response to legal action brought against a client by a fellow shareholder, we successfully defended the claim and brought a counterclaim. Rather than our client, who was the defendant in the action, being found to owe anything, we obtained a judgment in excess of $1,000,000.

syringeEmergency Lawsuit Results In Judgment for Life Extending Cancer Treatment

For a cancer patient denied coverage of medical treatment by her insurance company, time was precious. We filed an emergency federal court action; in less than 30 days we obtained a judgment ordering payment for the coverage as well as awarding our client all attorney fees.

for saleCourt of Appeals Victory for Homeowner

A homeowner terminated a real estate buy-sell agreement, refusing to sell to purchasers who failed to provide proof of financing. While the homeowner was represented by different counsel, the trial court ruled that the sale proceed. We were then retained and successfully argued that the trial court should stay its decision until the issue could be decided in the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals reversed the trial court on grounds that the purchasers materially breached the purchase agreement.

chairs$2.2 Million Settlement for Furniture Manufacturer

We aggressively defended a legal action brought against a furniture manufacturer by one of its suppliers. In addition, we filed a counterclaim against the supplier. Without the need for trial, we settled the matter by negotiating a $2,200,000 recovery for our client.

briefcaseMulti-Million Dollar Settlement for Business Owner

When a fellow shareholder of one of our clients recently tried to force the sale of his stock in the company, we promptly filed a shareholder derivative action, obtained injunctive relief and within two months, obtained a multi-million dollar settlement providing our client with an eight-fold increase over the original offer.

whistleSuccessful Defense of Whistleblower's Action

A heavily regulated financial services company retained us to defend it in a Whistleblower's Protection Act claim brought by a former high level executive. The executive sought a multi-million dollar recovery. The trial court dismissed the would-be whistleblower's claim. On appeal, the Court of Appeals affirmed.

crowdSuccessful Defense of $100 Million Discrimination Action

Approximately 300 plaintiffs sued our clients in a collective action alleging age discrimination. We successfully defeated the claims in which the plaintiffs sought recovery collectively in excess of $100 Million.

scales$1,000,000 Wrongful Death Judgment

The family of an elderly man brought a wrongful death action against a family member who had beaten the man to death. We obtained a judgment in excess of $1,000,000.




scalesTrial and Appellate Victories in Asset Purchase Dispute

Our client purchased a services franchise that had approximately $20 Million in assets under management. After the seller sued for rescission, we obtained a judgment in our client's favor on all counts after a trial that spanned three weeks. The trial court also awarded our client attorney fees. On appeal, the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court.



scalesAsset Purchase Arbitration Award

Our client sold its assets to a competitor. The competitor then failed to pay the amounts due under the purchase agreement alleging various warranty breaches. We filed a demand for arbitration on behalf of our client and obtained an arbitration award for the entire amount owing, plus accrued interest.